Late Nite Catechism

Friday August 4

Come Laugh your Sins off!


Written by Vicki Quade and Maripat Donovan, this show made it’s debut May 28th,1993 at the Live Bait Theatre in Chicago, Illinois and since then has grossed over $100 million in box office receipts.  It has been presented in over 410 cities around the world, has played 6 countries with over 3.5 million people in attendance.  The show has raised over $4 million for retired Sisters and Catholic organizations.  

There have been developed at this time,  8 shows now in the series.  Late Nite Catechism is an uproarious piece of theater that takes audience members back-sometimes nostalgically, sometimes fearfully to the children they once were.  The irrepressible Sister

teaches an adult catechism class to a roomful of students (the audience).  Over the course of the play, Sister goes from benevolent instructor, rewarding the students for correct answers with glow in the dark rosaries and laminated saint cards, to authoritative drill sergeant.  

These abrupt mood swings are bound to strike a resonant chord with everyone who survived the ups and downs of going to school, with an omniscient authoritarian at the helm.  The Catholic Register of Toronto said, “The show appeals to Catholics and non-Catholics alike since Sister clearly explains religious references in lighthearted ways while maintaining a serious tone that is not too preachy and far from being saccharine.